November 28, 2023
Plus: Readers share how they've fixed errors on Apple Maps

Q: Do you know why there are no signs indicating the Dumbarton Bridge exit on Highway 101 north near Palo Alto? The only visible sign is on the Willow Street exit, after you have committed to this exit.

Jeanne Conboy

A: I’ll pass your concern to Caltrans.

Speaking of the Dumbarton Bridge, Caltrans will close it in the eastbound direction for five nights, from Oct. 30 through Nov. 3, for repaving from the east end of the bridge to the toll plaza. Eastbound lanes will be closed each night between 7 p.m. and 5 a.m. Westbound lanes will remain open.

Drivers headed to the East Bay from San Francisco and San Mateo can use the San Mateo Bridge from San Mateo to Hayward. Drivers going to Milpitas or Fremont from the South Bay can take Highway 237.

Q: I, too, have recently experienced glitches with Apple Maps providing erroneous directions. As I passed the summit on Highway 17 early this week, Siri told me to make a right turn and head north on Interstate 280. An easy error to ignore, but still worrisome.

Eric Rice, Scotts Valley

A: Eric is referring to another reader’s request about getting Apple Maps corrected.

Q: Apple Maps and Google Maps have areas on their apps where you can send corrections. I got Apple Maps to fix a problem with their maps that neglected to note an exit-only lane on Almaden Expressway southbound at Capitol Expressway. A Popular Science article tells how to report errors.

Henry Schulman

A: And…

Q: I’ve had good experience fixing Apple Maps with the “report an issue” button, if you scroll down to the bottom of Maps. I’ve also had good luck doing the same with Google Maps.

Dave Van Tassell and others, including Cathy Choy, Brock Carpenter, Karen W., Marianne Cogorno, Linda Swenberg, Marilyn Sander, Christine Green, Ian McFadyen and Dave Oppenheim

A: And…

Q: I submitted a report about the Bailey Road-Highway 101 ramp problem via the Apple Maps app. In it, I referenced your column. We’ll see how it goes.

Alan Forkosh, Oakland

A: And…

Q: I work at Apple and forwarded your article to an admin who supports the Maps team. She submitted this to the Maps escalations team. I have been reading your column forever, and really appreciate what you do.

Jane Likens

A: And…

Q: Check the page labeled “If Maps isn’t working on your Apple device” on Apple’s support website.


A: And…

Q: This one’s easy. Send a USPS letter to Tim Cook at Apple. Or use Google Maps or Waze. I use all three.

Tony Lima, Silicon Valley

A: Thanks to all who provided suggestions about getting Maps information corrected. I knew you’d come through.

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