May 30, 2024
Gorgeous landscapes, mushy peas and a shipwreck await on these Irish islands.

Readers have spent the last year hiking, biking and exploring vacation destinations around the world, from Kauai’s Napali Coast to Brazil’s Rio de Janeiro and Guatemala’s astonishing ruins. And they’ve been sharing their adventures — and practical travel tips — with us along the way. Here’s the latest:

Wish You Were Here

IRELAND: In June, Oakland residents Gordon and Joyce Teekell visited Inis Oirr, one of Ireland’s Aran Islands, which sit at the mouth of Galway Bay. “Inis Island has 260 permanent residents. Many residents are born there and stay there!” Joyce says.

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“A main attraction was the shipwreck of the MV Plassy, a cargo ship which ran onto rocks during a huge storm in 1960. The crew of 11 was saved by the locals, as they risked their lives to aid the sailors on the ship. During the salvage operation the whiskey aboard was shared by all. The ship was later moved up onto the rocks by heavy seas, and it is where it rests today.”

TRAVEL TIPS: “Expect mushy peas served with fish and chips. Visit Northern Ireland to gain perspective on the unification problems, and do not miss the Titanic Museum in Belfast.”

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