February 22, 2024
Reputation can make or break businesses, and GetDandy is here to ensure sterling and reliable reputation management services for companies big and small.
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Reputation can make or break businesses, and GetDandy is here to ensure sterling and reliable reputation management services for companies big and small. Founded by CEO Alex Bellini, the California-based company has developed a trailblazing reputation management platform.

GetDandy applies AI’s limitless possibilities to both customer experience and reputation management. The pioneering business is the first AI-powered reputation automation company for businesses with a first-of-its-kind review scoring and dispute tool. With GetDandy’s ability to remove negative reviews, bad online reviews no longer have to cause irreparable damage to a business’s sales and image.

Bellini’s family-owned San Diego auto repair shop first taught the CEO the importance of online reviews, shedding light on how more reviews often equate to more traction and sales. Gaining insight into the damage that unfair and illegitimate bad reviews can cause businesses, Bellini sought solutions by founding GetDandy.

GetDandy is now the trusted service for brands like Wyndham, Midas, Holiday Inn, law firms, and more. Having removed thousands of bad online reviews across Facebook, Google, Yelp, and various other review sites, their advanced technology has the capacity to permanently remove bad reviews, whether it be a small few or a couple of thousand.

Dealing with bad reviews can prove an exhausting hassle for business owners, and GetDandy alleviates that stress, allowing business owners to put their energy toward other aspects of the company while GetDandy’s removal specialists focus on eliminating defamatory reviews.

GetDandy’s AI-powered services go beyond removing bad reviews with features that also create new reviews and automate review replies. Saving businesses time and eliminating the need for manual responses, GetDandy uses AI to craft personal replies to customer reviews. The platform is expertly designed to reply to reviews with unique SEO-friendly responses that assist businesses in their search rankings on Google and build a strengthened relationship with customers who respond more positively to companies that engage and respond to their reviews.

The platform’s savvy software works for you during each part of the review removal process by detecting damaging reviews, removing them, and replying with effective responses to the remaining reviews. GetDandy stands out among other dated reputation management platforms with its ability to use the latest artificial intelligence technology and machine-learning programs for a more precise and satisfying experience.

GetDandy’s features also include generating surveys, webchats, and online reputation monitoring through sentiment analysis and notifications. The company’s services have proven beneficial for brands and businesses, even increasing online ratings. With many case studies and rave reviews from GetDandy users, their methods are certifiably effective. GetDandy continues to thrive with significant growth. The business’s AI platform aims to help over 100,000 brands automate their online reputations and customer experience.

A true innovator in the space, GetDandy remains a powerful and reliable asset to businesses when refining their image and saving both their time and reputations. GetDandy’s impressive automated services get rid of the manual inconveniences caused by bad and disparaging reviews.




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