May 28, 2024
Got your weekend plans? We have some nifty ideas, from Cinequest to killer mysteries to fun ferry day trips.

From the always-rewarding Cinequest film fest to killer murder mysteries and fun ferry day trips, there is a lot to do this weekend.

But before we get to the fun, one important word: If you’re looking for a way to assist fire victims in Maui, here are some great ideas — and some of them involve music and food.

Now about this weekend, as with everything these days, be sure to double check websites for any last-minute changes in health guidelines. Meanwhile, if you’d like to have this Weekender lineup delivered to your inbox every Thursday morning for free, just sign up at or

1 SEE & PLAY: Cinequest is back

One of most popular film festivals on the planet is back in San Jose this week, with scads of screenings and other fun events. Here are some films you definitely shouldn’t miss.

2 WATCH: Super sleuths in action

“Only Murders in the Building,” “The Tower,” “The Afterparty” … is it just us or are there a staggering amount of amazing murder mysteries on TV right now? (Hint: It isn’t just us.)

SoCal alt-country band Mustangs of the West perform Aug. 19 at the Bankhead Theater in Livermore. (Mustangs of the West) Mustangs of the West

3: SEE & HEAR: Great shows are all over

From super storyteller Brian Copeland to amazing festivals and a kick-butt alt-country band, there are a ton of great shows to catch in the Bay Area this weekend.

4 PLAY & EAT: Throw a pizza party

And in this scenario, you’re the one making the pizza.

5 MAKE & SUP: Enjoy an Oppenheimer martini

Since we’re in a party-throwing mood and all, let’s turn to J. Robert Oppenheimer, the “Father of the Atomic Bomb,” who also had a knack for great cocktail parties and made a mean martini. Here’s how he did it (and no, we don’t think it glows in the dark).

Snacks line the aisles at Yaoya-San in El Cerrito. (John Metcalfe/Bay Area News Group) 

6 EXPLORE & NOSH: Visit a Japanese market

The Bay Area has some cool Japanese markets that can help you prepare a feast or simply offer a fascinating visit. Here are 5 of our favorites.

7 PLAY: Fun on a ferry

Bay Area ferry trips aren’t just for commuters and tourists — they can be the foundation of some wonderful day trips, including these four excursions.