May 29, 2024
The Atlanta-based fast food chain is making what it calls its first-ever seasonal adjustment to its original chicken sandwich.

Since the ““chicken sandwich wars” started in 2019, several fast food chains have added sandwiches to their menus with the same basic ingredients: battered chicken breasts sitting on toasted buns with pickles and mayonaise.

Chick-fil-A will shake it up a little bit next week with an item called the Honey Pepper Pimento Chicken Sandwich. It will go on the Atlanta-based chain’s fall menu beginning Aug. 28.

The sandwich features creamy pimento cheese made with sharp cheddar, green chilis and red pimentos, pickled jalapeños and a drizzle of honey on the bun, according to the news release.

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The sandwich is the chain’s “first ever seasonal spin” on its original chicken sandwich, and the jalapeños are also a first, the news release said.

Another seasonal item will be a Caramel Crumble Milkshake made with butterscotch caramel flavors and blondie crumbs.

Days are numbered for Chick-fil-A’s summertime Peach Milkshake, which is scheduled to be available until Aug. 26 or as long as supplies last, according to the chain’s website.

Chick-fil-A was part of the first skirmish over chicken sandwiches four years ago this August when Popeyes added a similar sandwich to its menu and sold out in less than three weeks.