April 19, 2024
Giants manager Gabe Kapler won't be in uniform Friday night for the team's series opener against the Braves after receiving a one-game suspension from MLB.

ATLANTA — Giants manager Gabe Kapler won’t be in uniform Friday night for the team’s series opener against the Braves.

Kapler received a one-game suspension, Major League Baseball announced, for his actions after being ejected from the Giants’ 10-2 loss to the Rays on Tuesday. He was also fined an undisclosed amount, the league said.

The first suspension of his managerial career, Kapler will hand off managing duties Friday to one of his lieutenants. He is expected to meet with reporters and address the suspension in Atlanta at 1 p.m. PT.

Kapler was disciplined for re-entering the dugout after being ejected, the league said. He was ejected by home plate umpire Chad Whitman in the fourth inning for arguing balls and strikes during rookie Wade Meckler’s second at-bat. The ejection was Kapler’s seventh of his career as a manager but only his third time with the Giants.

Afterward, Kapler said he felt compelled to stick up for a young player who had multiple calls go against him in his first two games in the majors.

“Obviously I didn’t think those were strikes,” Kapler said. “Wade didn’t think they were strikes. I was obviously just irritated and reacted. But really reacted on behalf of Meck, who deserves to be stood up for by all of us.”

Meckler, who has earned raves for his strike-zone recognition, said he appreciated the show of support from his manager.

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“It feels very good to have a manager who will go out there and stand up for you, especially when you can’t really say anything as a player,” Meckler said. “I don’t want to come off as disrespectful to (the umpires) and say anything. I’ve played two major-league games. Eventually (I hope) to build a reputation that I know what the strike zone is and if I say something, there’s a cause behind it.”

But it wasn’t Kapler’s actions on the field that got him suspended; it is because MLB said he returned to the dugout, which is forbidden for any ejected player or coach.

Kapler said afterward that he watched from the television inside the batting cage located behind the dugout.

“I don’t remember if this is my time watching the game in the cage, right behind the steps, obviously we’ve got the cage (TV) feed up and running,” Kapler said.

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