April 14, 2024
Dublin Police obtained search warrants and seized illegal knives, firearms, brass knuckles, cane swords and other weapons.

DUBLIN — The owner of a Dublin knife store was arrested after police located thousands of illegal weapons stockpiled inside his business, home and a nearby storage unit, authorities said Friday.

On Aug. 11, Dublin Police began investigating the distribution of illegal weapons from Dublin Knives, a business in the 6500 block of Dublin Boulevard.

After detectives obtained a search warrant for Dublin Knives — located northeast of the intersection of interstates 580 and 680 — police allegedly found more than 2,000 illegal switchblade knives, approximately 40 rifles and handguns, 245 sets of brass knuckles, four cane swords, body armor and various other weapons.

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The business owner, 51-year-old Deepak Chopra of Livermore, was arrested for several charges, including possession of illegal firearms and child endangerment, according to a statement released Friday.

Police said a search of Chopra’s Livermore home located an additional 19 rifles, 25 assault rifles, more than 50 high-capacity magazines, .30-caliber machine gun parts and a jig used to manufacture non-serialized firearms, otherwise known as “ghost guns.”

On Thursday, police discovered a Livermore storage unit belonging to Chopra and obtained another search warrant, which yielded more than 50 rifles, 30 handguns and a .30 caliber fully-automatic machine gun.

It’s unclear when and where Chopra was booked into custody. Authorities could not be reached for clarification Saturday.