June 21, 2024
Visiting driver was lucky he wasn't charged with multiple violations for what he did to CHP on the road.

Q: I worked for an engineer at National Semi. He lives in Europe. I don’t remember how it came up, but he asked why he got a ticket while driving here when he flashed his lights at a Highway Patrol car on the freeway in the fast lane. I told him no, no, no, you don’t flash your lights at Highway Patrol on the freeway because he was going a little slower than you were going. I told him that if the Highway Patrol had pulled over and he passed the Highway Patrol car, he would likely have gotten a ticket anyway.


A: He’s lucky he wasn’t charged with multiple violations.

Q: Was it a typo when Doug McKenzie said he drove 140 “mph” on Interstate 880. Perhaps he meant “miles?” If indeed he was speeding like that, a rebuke for that kind of driving would have been appropriate? What do you think?

John LaLonde

A: It definitely was “miles,” not “mph.”

Q: I tried to get a response from the VTA customer service department regarding increased graffiti on the wall of the light rail facing the Hamilton exit off of northbound Highway 17. I contacted them on 6/9, 6/29 and 7/27, with no action or response. The second time I called, I was told that the information had initially been sent to a distribution list of 20 people for a response, and the second time they sent out another e-mail to the distribution list. Both times there was no response to the customer service department. When I called on 7/27, I was told that a supervisor would call me back within 48 hours.

It would be helpful to know to whom it can be escalated further, but I am not sure who to contact. The increasing graffiti and blight to the neighborhood, is really shameful, and invites more of the same. If you could help by escalating it again, I would appreciate it.

Ann Segovia

A: I escalated it, and graffiti cleanup is scheduled for the week of August 20-24. VTA left a voicemail for you at the beginning of August.

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Q: I agree with experts that we need to go slow with AI and make sure we don’t regret what comes from it. But one place we desperately need AI is in traffic signals. So much time could be saved for so many people if the traffic signals were just smarter. I am so tired of waiting at a light for no one to go. Or, having to wait for 3-4 signals to change to get traffic through.

Jim. L., San Jose

A: I understand. There are smart lights in many locations and they will improve.

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