May 29, 2024
The important new role for the 'nepo baby' wife of Justin Bieber doesn't involve launching another skincare line, doing more modeling or becoming the mother of his children.

Nearly a year after Hailey Bieber was mocked in a blockbuster report for being yet another “nepo baby” with no clear, identifiable career, she has perhaps found her purpose: Taking control and being “a voice” in the business affairs of her sometimes troubled pop star husband Justin Bieber.

A report in Page Six said that the 26-year-old has “taken on a larger role” in his business dealings, making sure she’s “in the room” whenever there is a meeting.

“Hailey has taken control and is heavily involved,” a source told Page Six about the sometimes model and influencer, who has dabbled in various endeavors. She’s also launched a skincare line and hosted YouTube videos, in which she offers make-up tutorials and cooks favorite recipes with her famous friends.

“She’s a part of meetings and she’s talking a lot for him,” the source continued. “She’s the voice. They’re becoming a power couple. She’s a big part of everything he’s doing.”

The insider goes on to suggest that Justin and Hailey Bieber are following in the footsteps of Jay-Z and Beyonce in becoming entertainment’s next power couple. Of course, there’s one reason that the Biebers might not measure up to “Bey-Z,” as Page Six called the Carters. As individuals, Jay-Z and Beyonce are each massively talented musicians and stars. That distinction could be said to apply to Justin Bieber, while his wife has yet to show any clear direction or outstanding talent.

In its viral report on the nepo baby phenomenon last year, Vulture identified Hailey Bieber as one of the relatives of accomplished celebrities whose vague career paths prompt people to ask, “What do they do again?” Hailey is the daughter of actor Stephen Baldwin, as well as the niece of the even more famous Alec Baldwin. Given that she’s also the wife of Bieber, Vulture said she could be considered a “triple nepo.”

As Vulture sees it, Bieber’s family connections probably helped her land magazine covers, do modeling work for Saint Laurent and nab invitations to the Met Gala. She’s also among the nepo babies whose privilege has allowed her the time, money and space to dabble in other pursuits, whether she’s successful or not. Like some other nepo babies, she’s  become an influencer, launched a brand of one kind or another or tried to make herself a YouTube star, though she only displayed “mediocre-to-average” culinary skills on her cooking show, the Daily Beast said.

Now, it appears that she’s trying her hand in entertainment business management. Page Six said that Hailey Bieber’s influence on her husband has become more apparent amid reports that he has parted ways with his longtime, controversial music manager Scooter Braun.

Late last week, Puck reported that Justin Bieber has been looking for a new agency and manager because he and Braun have parted ways. Neither side confirmed a split to Puck, while reps for Justin Bieber and Braun insisted to Page Six that they are still working together. Sources also told Page Six that the singer “has new music and a new single coming out, all under Scooter.”

But Puck’s co-founder Matthew Belloni stood by his outlet’s story on the Bieber/Braun breakup. Sources also told Page Six that “where there’s smoke, there’s fire,” when it comes to rumors of troubles between Bieber and Braun. These issues can be traced back to Justin’s roots as a child star, Page Six said.

“Everything has been set up by Scooter since he was a kid. Justin is older, wiser and smarter, and has started asking questions,” one source claimed.

The Puck story also more or less confirmed Page Six’s report that Hailey Bieber has being more involved in her husband’s business decisions.

The Bieber/Braun split “is part of a larger house-cleaning that Justin and wife Hailey Bieber have undertaken amid his recent health issues and canceled tour,” Puck reported. Citing three sources, Puck said that the couple — apparently not just Justin — fired CAA as his agency, as the singer has begun working with a new business manager and a new lawyer.

It’s easy to imagine that it’s difficult for Hailey Bieber to have an ill-defined celebrity persona, especially in contrast with her husband, who isn’t a nepo baby and who is one of the best-known entertainers on Earth. But maybe her husband has finally helped her find her persona and purpose — as his tough new manager, who will zealously guard his mental and emotional well-being and serve as the gatekeeper to his talent and star power.