June 21, 2024
Following Taylor Swift's two curfew-busting shows, Beyonce will have an extra hour to work with for her concert at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara.

Beyonce has a little extra wiggle room when it comes to the curfew for her Aug. 30 concert at Levi’s Stadium at Santa Clara.

That’s because the show — which is set for a Wednesday night — won’t have to adhere to the regular 10 p.m. weeknight curfew at the venue. Instead, Beyonce can now plan on grooving right up until 11 p.m. at the house of the San Francisco 49erss.

The extra hour comes courtesy of a weeknight curfew extension granted by Santa Clara city officials, according to a 49ers spokesperson. It’s one of five such curfew extensions for non-football events that the City Council granted the 49ers, which runs the venue, in a 4-3 vote in 2021.

City officials have yet to respond to our request for comment on the curfew extension for the Beyonce show.

This extension could be important, given that Beyonce and curfews haven’t traditionally gotten along all that well at Levi’s.

The megastar, who visits the Bay Area with her blockbuster Renaissance World Tour, has been a repeat curfew offender at the stadium.

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She broke the curfew with husband Jay-Z on their On the Run II Tour stop in 2018. Beyonce also went late with her solo Formation Tour at Levi’s in 2016.

Other acts to break Levi’s curfew in recent years include U2, Coldplay and, most recently, Taylor Swift.

Both of Swift’s sold-out stops on her Eras Tour at Levi’s blew past curfew back in July.

Curfews at Levi’s Stadium, particularly the 10 p.m. mark on weeknights, have long been a source of controversy. The city says it is looking out for residents near Levi’s, who don’t like the late noise on school- and worknights. But 49ers officials complain the curfew is unreasonable and driving acts and revenue away from the venue. Ed Sheeran reportedly dropped Levi’s from his 2017 tour because of the curfew. Sheeran is slated to perform at Levi’s Sept. 16 — a Saturday.

In 2021, the City Council voted 4-3 to allow weeknight curfew extensions until 11 p.m. for five non-NFL events a year. The curfew for Friday and Saturday events is 11 p.m.