May 30, 2024
William Mosby of Lake Forest said his daughter, Marie Snowling, was taken to UCI Medical Center.

A Lake Forest man had heard his daughter was killed in Wednesday night’s mass shooting at the Cook’s Corner bar – but was “extremely relieved” to learn she was transported alive to a local hospital.

William Mosby of Lake Forest heard the terrible news when he turned on a television newscast.

He heard his daughter, Marie Snowling, was murdered, he said, as he walked with a cane to the Emergency Room at Providence Mission Hospital Mission Viejo.

“Her friend in the bar said she was shot in the lower jaw.”

Mosby learned from hospital staff that his daughter had been brought in alive and was taken to UCI Medical Center.

“I’m extremely relieved, what I heard was the worst.”

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Mosby said his daughter had gone through a divorce with her ex-husband, who was ex-law enforcement from where the couple once lived in the Camarillo area.

“He was a crazy husband, who couldn’t deal with the divorce.”

Mosby said Marie was headed over to the weekly spaghetti feed at Cook’s Corner on Wednesday night, just like every week.

Not too long after she left, Mosby said he heard police cars speeding by his yard on their way toward Trabuco Canyon.

“Friends started calling me and told me she’d been shot in the face.”

The Orange County Sheriff’s Department said the shooting left four people, dead, including the shooter. Their names were not immediately released.

Six more people were hospitalized – five with gunshot wounds.