May 28, 2024
Brandon Delliquadri, 35, worked at bars around the Bay Area, and police allege he has been targeting intoxicated women to sexually assault for at least the past five yeras.

WALNUT CREEK — One woman reported he burst into her home and sexually assaulted her in front of her child, years after she’d cut off contact. Another died from a suspected drug overdose less than a year after reporting he’d raped her. A third woman said he seemed to be following her from bar to bar, then sexually assaulted her after she blacked out.

Since 2018, reports of sexual assault involving 35-year-old Brandon Delliquadri have been piling up. Yet it wasn’t until last month that investigators connected the dots and brought a case to the Contra Costa prosecutors, who charged him raping four victims. Now, prosecutors have connected Delliquadri to three new sexual assaults, and authorities say they’re still investigating the possibility that more victims are out there.

Delliquadri, a Walnut Creek resident, was familiar with the local bar scene. Authorities say he has worked both as a bartender and a bouncer at various establishments around the Bay Area, and that in more than one instance, he appeared to target intoxicated women at bars for sexual assaults. Police also seized unidentified medication from his Milton Avenue home and are conducting tests to see if he possessed any narcotics that are commonly used as date rape drugs, according to court records.

“Due to the nature of the allegations and the circumstances surrounding the case, we believe there may be other individuals who may have been sexually assaulted by the same suspect,” Lt. Holley Connors said in a Walnut Creek police news release that was posted to Facebook when Delliquadri was arrested last month.

With the new charges, Delliquadri now faces 10 felony counts, including multiple counts of forcible rape, forcible sexual penetration, and single counts of forcible sodomy and rape of an unconscious person. If convicted, he faces life in prison. He remains jailed in Contra Costa County and a judge has set his bail at $4.5 million, court records show.

The charges go as far back as 2018, and as recent as last April, when an East Bay woman reported that Delliquadri had raped her while she was engaged in a consensual sexual act with one of this friends, authorities said. The case was assigned to Det. Jason Tricker, a 12-year law enforcement veteran who came over to Walnut Creek police in 2014 after three years at the Contra Costa Sheriff’s office.

Tricker had received public accolades from his department for recovering a stolen car in 2022, and for rescuing baby ducklings from a storm drain in 2020. But as he dug deeper into Delliquadri’s police file, he realized the case before him appeared to be one of the area’s biggest serial rape cases in recent memory.

There was a report of rape in Contra Costa County by Delliquadri in 2018, and another the following year. Police in San Francisco investigated him as a sexual assault suspect in 2022. But in all three cases, the investigations had gone nowhere, either due to lack of corroboration to the alleged victim’s reports, or in one case, because the woman died from a drug overdose after being diagnosed with PTSD just 11 months later, according to multiple law enforcement sources.

This newspaper is not naming the exact dates or locations of the alleged sexual assaults, to protect the women’s identity.

One of the women reported that in 2019, Delliquadri bumped into her at a Contra Costa County bar and insisted on driving her home. He allegedly sexually assaulted her after they arrived at her house, despite her attempts to fend him off, authorities said. Eleven months later, the woman went unconscious and died shortly after video chatting with a friend in a suspected drug overdose, authorities said.

Police noted in a report that the woman had been diagnosed with Post Traumatic Stress Disorder and depression, due to the alleged sexual assaults and physical abuse she suffered at the hand’s of a relative. She’d recently been self-medicating with painkillers and Xanax. Now, despite her death, authorities have charged Delliquadri with raping her, using her statements to police and physical evidence collected during the investigation to justify the charge, authorities said.

A third woman reported that Delliquadri showed up to her house unannounced and raped her in front of her young child, years after they’d had a brief fling and she’d cut him out of her life. A fourth woman reported that Delliquadri sexually assaulted her after she met him at a bar where he worked in San Francisco. The woman left with friends to another bar, and was shocked to see Delliquadri arrive there as well, authorities said.

Suspicious that he had been following her, the woman tried to avoid Delliquadri, but after consuming several more drinks, agreed to return to his bar after closing, authorities say. Once there, Delliquadri allegedly took her into an area of the bar that wasn’t covered by surveillance cameras and sexually assaulted her after she blacked out due to extreme intoxication, authorities said.

In early July 2023, Tricker obtained an arrest warrant for Delliquadri on multiple rape charges for all four alleged victims. After news reports surfaced of Delliquadri’s arrest, three more women came forward, according to prosecutors.

Delliquadri’s next court date has been set for Sept. 14 in Martinez, records show.

Walnut Creek police are encouraging anyone who believes they were a victim or who has pertinent information about Delliquadri to call them 925-943-5844 or call the Anonymous Tip Line at 925-943-5865.