May 28, 2024
Police also field complaint of noisy ice cream truck.

Aug. 29

PETTY THEFT: 3:16 p.m. on Montgomery Street. Numerous items of jewelry were stolen from a residence during a move with a moving company. The resident said other items were damaged and/or lost.

Aug. 30

AUTO BURGLARY: 4:07 p.m. at Forbes Mill Steakhouse on North Santa Cruz Avenue. Two vehicles in the employee parking lot were broken into via window smash.

Aug. 31

AUTO BURGLARY: 6:06 a.m. at Best Western Inn on Los Gatos-Saratoga Road. Someone pried open the doors to a work truck and stole several tools.

STOLEN VEHICLE: 8:23 a.m. on New York Avenue. A 2022 white Ford Mustang was reported missing from the roadway in front of the owner’s house. The resident had received alert messages advising of a possible collision.

VANDALISM: 10:54 a.m. at Safeway on Union Avenue. Someone spray-painted the back loading dock area with “Slaveway.”

SUSPICIOUS PERSON: 5:03 p.m. at Balzer Field on Miles Avenue. A man was standing near the entrance to the creek trail. The reporting party thought he was dealing drugs but was unable to explain why.

Sept. 1

SUSPICIOUS VEHICLE: 5:14 a.m. at Walgreens at Saratoga-Los Gatos Road and Rose Avenue.  A van spray-painted in “hippie colors” was driving around. The reporting party said it looked like it was casing the area.
PETTY THEFT: 11:06 a.m. on Arroyo Del Rancho. A man mailed a check to his insurance agent, who didn’t receive it. Bank records show the check was cashed for $15,937.

VEHICLE CODE VIOLATION: 4:16 p.m. at Tait and Bachman avenues. The reporting party said vehicles are constantly speeding on Tait, and the police would make a fortune if they did traffic enforcement.

NOISE DISTURBANCE: 8:09 p.m. at Blossom Hill Park on Blossom Hill Road. An ice cream truck was being too loud.

Sept. 2

BURGLARY: 10:23 a.m. at Greenhouse Wellness on Winchester Boulevard. The reporting party arrived to work and discovered all the computers missing and drawers rifled through. No sign of forced entry.

NOISE DISTURBANCE: 5:42 p.m. at Nordahl Hall/Sons Of Norway on West Parr Avenue. Someone reported that loud music had been playing for past hour. They wanted the music turned down or if possible, to shave them close the doors.

BURGLARY: 7:31 p.m. on Madera Court. A man was home when three males entered his house and took multiple items, including the man’s firearm.

Sept. 3

PETTY THEFT: 2:51 p.m. at Lunardi’s Market on Blossom Hill Road. Someone stole about eight bottles of liquor and left.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON: 4:11 p.m. at Starbucks on Union Avenue. A transient was pushing a shopping cart in the road and yelling at people.

SUSPICIOUS PERSON: 5:31 p.m. at Los Gatos Swim & Racquet Club on Oka Road. A man was sitting in a silver Tesla in the parking lot, yelling sexual comments at passersby and huffing out of a balloon.