July 23, 2024
A sawed-off section of the Mission Peak Pole in Fremont has been found by East Bay Regional Park District staff.

A well-known East Bay sculpture that was vandalized and went missing has now been recovered, according to numerous reports.

The sculpture is widely known as the “Mission Peak pole,” located atop the hiking area of Mission Peak in Fremont.

The top part of the pole — which long served as a popular photo opp for hikers — had been removed at some point, although its not known when exactly that happened. The disappearance was made known through pictures circulated on social media and elsewhere over the weekend.

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The top portion had been sawed off, a spokesperson for the East Bay Regional Park District told NBC Bay Area, and was later recovered by park staff. At this time, we have no information as to the exact location of where the pole was recovered.

Here is what the mission peak pole looks like prior to being vandalized: https://t.co/WQYnDMjAPf pic.twitter.com/hARu5XWnrx

— bayareahiker (@bayareahiker2) September 5, 2023

Just In: A section of pole atop Mission Peak that was sawed off and removed has been recovered. https://t.co/0EzEx6I2MW

— KRON4 News (@kron4news) September 5, 2023