May 30, 2024
The Luxury Travel Expert recently ranked the world's most beautiful cities, a list topped by Cape Town and several European cities.

Earlier this year, embarked upon a potentially controversial mission: ranking the most beautiful cities in the world. Why? Well, because they could. Because it’s fun. Because we all love lists?

We especially love this one, because it includes several cities near and dear to our hearts — and one most of all.

The voice behind the list — a well-traveled doctor and devoted blogger who keeps his identity under wraps — admitted that choosing cosmopolitan beauties “may sound like a mission impossible.” Some people gravitate to historic wonders, he pointed out, and others to spectacular views, “but although we all have our personal favorites, there are some cities that are so exceptionally beautiful – whether it be because of their historical character or natural setting – that they should be on everyone’s bucket list.”

The list skews European with four out of the 10, but Cape Town takes the top spot, thanks to its beautiful beaches and mountains, wine country and buzzy dining scene. Rio de Janeiro gets a shout out, complete with reference to a Brazilian saying we’d never heard before: “God made the world in six days. The seventh he devoted to Rio.”

And who can argue with their No. 5 choice, San Francisco?

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Top 10 Most Beautiful Cities

1. Cape Town, South Africa

2. Vancouver, British Columbia

3. New York City

4. Rome, Italy

5. San Francisco

6. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

7. Paris, France

8. Hong Kong

9. Prague, Czech Republic

10. Amsterdam, Netherlands