May 30, 2024
A second boat has been beached following a rescue mission for the Chandalar, a sailboat trapped near Stinson Beach since July.

A vessel was stranded near Stinson Beach after attempting to help tow a sailboat stuck since July, the Marin County Sheriff’s Office said.

The rescue boat appeared to run aground over the weekend amid heavy surf while trying to tow the Chandalar, a 33-foot-long, 10-ton sailboat, during a high tide, sheriff’s Sgt. Adam Schermerhorn said. The boats are trapped on Upton Beach, near Stinson.

The Chandalar has been stuck in the sand since July 31. Authorities gave the vessel’s captain until the end of August to remove the boat.

On Aug. 29, U.S. District Court Judge James Donato granted a temporary restraining order preventing authorities from removing the boat. The restraining order ends in a few days, Schermerhorn said.

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“In the event the judge extends it further, the owner will have more time for removal,” Schermerhorn said. “If the order is not continued, then the county will remove the vessel.”

Logan Walker, who is currently living on the boat, was cited by the sheriff’s office in August for leaving garbage in a park, erecting an unauthorized temporary or permanent structure in a park and for abandoning personal property in a park for more than 12 hours.

He is set to appear in federal court in San Francisco on Thursday.