July 18, 2024
Nick Bosa, 25, says he is a "Niner for life" after officially signing his five-year contract extension Friday.

SANTA CLARA — Nick Bosa proclaimed himself “a Niner for life” today, after officially signing a five-year contract extension through the 2028 season.

Bosa agreed to the historic contract Wednesday to become the NFL’s highest-paid non-quarterback at $34 million a year. He was set to earn $17.9 million this season on his rookie contract’s final year, and the hotly negotiated extension reportedly is worth up to $170 million.

Bosa and the 49ers will fly out after today’s practice to Pittsburgh for Sunday’s season opener against the Steelers.

Officially official ¯_(ツ)_/¯ pic.twitter.com/04grUqhWa9

— San Francisco 49ers (@49ers) September 8, 2023

With quill pen in hand, Bosa signed his deal upstairs in the 49ers’ offices alongside general manager John Lynch, with Bosa then pandering to the team’s social-media cameras and saying: “Faithful, just signed. I’m so excited to be a Niner for life. Let’s go win as many rings as we can. Let’s go.”

As the reigning NFL Defensive Player of the Year, Bosa turns 26 when the 49ers play at the Minnesota Vikings on Monday night, Oct. 23.

Lynch, appearing on KNBR 680-AM< echoed that “Niner for life” line while discussing Bosa’s slow-moving and at times frustrating contract negotiations. Encouragement along the way came from former Warriors general manager Bob Myers.

“There was one point when we were at an impasse, and Bob called with Paraag (Marathe, the 49ers’ chief contract negotiator) in my office and he just had really good counsel,” Lynch said on KNBR. “It kind of kept us going. … t you need friends when you’re struggling, from family, and I thought about that last night. Bob, at a time when we were pretty frustrated, called and had some really nice perspective.”

Lynch described Bosa’s agent, Brian Ayrault, as “very talented, tough, aggressive,” all of which made the monumental contract a tough act to finish off, even after it was agreed upon Wednesday. There were still language details to finish Thursday when Bosa suited up for practice and did individual conditioning drills, while shadowed by head strength and conditioning coach Dustin Perry.

“There’s going to be some parsing through all that, so there was a little delay there at the end, but prior to that it was just everything,” Lynch said. “They were going to be thorough, we were going to be thorough, and it took longer than we were accustomed to but it’s done.”

Bosa is expected to meet with reporters later today.

“Was there frustration? Sure. But that’s all forgiven,” Lynch added. “He’s here. He signed this morning. Had a big hug and told him how proud I was of him. He’s earned it and excited to have him back in the fold.”

Playing out the entirety of the contract would put Bosa in a select club of 49ers with a decade of service. Joe Staley became the 51st and most recent member of the “10-Year Club” before retiring in 2020. Arik Armstead is the longest-tenured player on the current roster as he enters his ninth season.

Staff writer Jerry McDonald contributed to this report.