July 23, 2024
"It was truly scary and unsafe. Even my headlights didn’t provide enough light to help me see better," reader says about the right bore of the Caldecott Tunnel's eastbound lane.

Q: Your answer to a reader’s request that Caldecott Tunnel lighting be improved was incorrect. You said that Caltrans reported that it has improved the lighting in all bores of the tunnel. I drove through the right bore of the eastbound Caldecott Tunnel on September 30th and the right bore is still pitch black. It was truly scary and unsafe. Even my headlights didn’t provide enough light to help me see better.

Margery Bernstein, Walnut Creek

A: And…

Q: Somebody at Caltrans is spreading donkey dust on your porch again. Wallace Murfit was correct in his recent letter. The right bore (#1) of the eastbound Caldecott Tunnel is very dimly lit and is wet most, if not all of the time. My wife and I drive through that tunnel at least twice a week, frequently after dark. My wife always points out that bore #1 is wet. I always point out that it is dim. It is certainly not as well-lit as the other bores.

Bill Hickman, Orinda

A: And…

Q: Caltrans should consider what it’s like to drive into the eastbound Caldecott tunnel with the “improved lighting” while wearing glasses that darken with bright sunlight. I went though that tunnel with white knuckles a month ago because, suddenly, all I could see was the brake lights of the car in front of me in a sea of darkness. I will do anything to avoid doing that ever again. Why is it so important to lower the light level in that tunnel when, in the reverse direction it’s lit to the level of daylight?

MaryLou Clarke, Point Richmond


A: I’ll forward all your valuable comments to Caltrans.

Q: Once Caltrain is electrified, how will service to Gilroy be operated? Since Gilroy service is light, I don’t think Caltrain has the funding to electrify that segment by itself. If Caltrain continues diesel service from Tamien station, would a diesel locomotive be added to electric coaches to haul them to Gilroy? Or would a change of train be required?

Bill Stock, Emerald Hills

A: The short-term plan is for all service south of San Jose to run on diesel service, while everything north is 100% electric. Gilroy passengers will have a 3-minute cross-platform transfer at San Jose Diridon (meaning they disembark on one side of the platform, walk ten feet across, and board the electric train). Once battery-powered electric trains enter service (and there’s still no timeline on that, as it’s new technology and has federal approval hurdles to navigate first), electric service from Gilroy to San Francisco will be possible, with no transfer at Diridon likely to be necessary at that point.

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