July 20, 2024
The East Bay Regional Park District announced the "Mission Peeker" pole atop a popular hiking spot on Mission Peak in Fremont has been repaired and restored.

The “Mission Peeker” pole that sits atop a popular hiking area on Mission Peak in Fremont has been repaired and restored after being sliced in half and tossed down the side of the mountain last month.

“Thank you for your patience while we evaluated the condition of the Mission Peak Pole,” the East Bay Regional Park District said in a tweet Tuesday. “Today, staff has repaired and welded the Mission Peak Pole back into its original place. We very much appreciate the community’s interest and enjoyment of it.”

The East Bay Regional Park District did not immediately provide additional comment.

The well-known sculpture has served as a destination point for sightseers and a backdrop for thousands of photos. Erected in 1990, the pole was originally designed to promote environmental awareness and earned its name due to the telescope-like sight tubes that pointed to various Bay Area landmarks.

The pole was found vandalized in early September, raising questions about whether it would — or should — be restored. To some, the pole has served as an important symbol of Fremont. To others, it may contribute to the popularity of the Mission Peak hike, which has drawn hikers and their cars to the neighborhood that surrounds the trailhead on Stanford Avenue. Ongoing concerns have been raised about parking, safety and environmental degradation.

Staff writer Will McCarthy contributed to this report.