June 16, 2024
Mercury News Letters to the Editor for Nov. 21, 2023

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Amid challenges, give
thanks for freedom

There’s a lot of negativity, tension and pessimism in the world today. On this upcoming Thanksgiving Day, let’s be grateful for the freedoms that we enjoy, and often take for granted. And let’s be sure to remember and thank those who came before us; those who sacrificed so much to bring us to this day.

As Americans, we have much to be grateful for. We have freedom, and freedom is everything.

That all men and all women are created equal, and carry with them God-given rights to life and to liberty, is a truth self-evident to us, and a truth that should be recognized and assumed all around the world.

Happy Thanksgiving.

Pete Campbell
San Jose

Mandate mental
health education

I write as a concerned student at Evergreen Valley College to address the crucial need for comprehensive mental health education in Santa Clara County schools. Having witnessed the escalating stress and anxiety among students, I advocate for the integration of mental health education into the standard curriculum.

Support for legislation mandating mental health education, teacher training, age-appropriate curricula and community awareness is paramount. As students, we can contribute by starting petitions, joining advocacy groups, writing to local representatives and sharing information.

This initiative is not just about academic preparation but also about ensuring our students are emotionally equipped to navigate life’s challenges. Let’s work together to create a mentally healthier Santa Clara County. Your support in amplifying this cause is invaluable.

Huy Truong
San Jose

School designs offer
lessons in sustainability

Re: “What makes a school green?” (Page E1, Nov. 12).

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I was fascinated by the recent article on making schools more environmentally sustainable, featuring a Q&A with designer Helen Pierce. Traditionally, when contemplating architectural innovation, my mind gravitates toward high-profile corporate campuses, such as those of Apple and Google. However, this enlightening piece sheds light on the significant impact that environmentally conscious designs can have on making schools more sustainable.

The interview with Helen Pierce has expanded my perspective on the role of architecture in promoting sustainability, especially in educational institutions. It’s refreshing to learn about the potential for positive change within the educational infrastructure, and this article has successfully challenged my preconceived notions. I appreciate the insight into how schools can adopt more eco-friendly practices through intentional design.

Thank you for sharing this eye-opening story and providing a platform for discussions on sustainable architecture within the context of educational spaces.

Christopher Xu
San Jose