February 22, 2024
From pass line betting to the Iron Cross and Risky Roller, here are the best craps strategies to increase your winning chances when you play this dice game.
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Craps is a game of chance, but if you know what you’re doing, you can stack the odds a little more in your favor.

And that’s the whole purpose of this guide – to introduce you to the best craps strategies.

From pass line betting and basic craps strategy to the iron cross and dark side betting, we’ve covered everything you need to know when playing craps at online casinos like Slots.lv.

Let’s dive in and stack those odds together, shall we?

Basic Craps Strategy Tips for Beginners

First off, it’s important to know that there isn’t a one-size-fits-all best craps strategy that will give you an edge over the casino every time. However, picking the right craps strategy can spell the difference between your odds of winning based on your bankroll and risk tolerance.

Pick the Right Online Craps Casino

Before you use a simple craps strategy from our list, research different games available at top craps online casinos.

Slots.lv: Best overall
Ignition: Best for mobile
Super Slots: Up to $6,000 welcome bonus
Wild Casino: Highest bet limits
Cafe Casino: Best for classic craps games

Research the Different Types of Craps Games

While every craps table looks pretty much the same, there are plenty of different bet types to consider.

You can play crapless craps (seriously), high point craps, simplified craps, Die Rich craps, low limit craps, bank craps, diceless craps, craps with both cards and dice, and live dealer craps.

When you’re gambling online, the most common kinds of craps games are classic variants and live dealer craps. You can also scale your bet size to reflect your available budget, and there’s not much of a difference in terms of the craps strategies that you’ll end up choosing.

However, there are a few key points you should consider. Die Rich craps gives you one roll, and crapless craps doesn’t offer pass-line betting. No matter which variant you choose, the RTP is nearly identical. Bank craps offers the highest payout odds with a 1.4% house edge.

Manage Your Bankroll

The simplest craps strategy is entirely within your control, and bankroll management can apply to whichever real money games you choose to play – be it online blackjack or roulette.

Never spend more than you have to lose, and be sure to ration your budget. This practice gives you the best odds of winning long-term.

As a general rule, you should never spend more than 2% of your entire bankroll per round. For example, if you’re playing at a craps table with a $5 betting limit, you shouldn’t bring less than $250. This might sound like a lot, but padding your bankroll insulates you against losing streaks.

Track Your Results

If you’ve ever visited an in-person casino to play craps before, odds are they’ve offered paper and pencil to track the results of each roll. While there’s no way to mitigate the risk involved, tracking results can let you know when you’re on a losing streak (or hitting consistent wins).

You can use this information to adjust your craps bets as needed. For example, if pass-line betting works better for you than don’t pass betting, use this information to influence your wagers.

Pass Line Bet

Prior to the come-out roll (first roll), you’ll be able to place a pass-line bet. In simpler terms, you win if you roll a 7 or 11. If you roll a 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, this establishes a point. In order to double your money, you want the shooter to roll that point again before they roll a 7 and win.

However, you lose (crap out) if you roll a 2, 3, or 12. You’re betting with the dice roll instead of betting against it. Pass line betting is the simplest craps bet – it offers a 98.59% RTP and a low house edge of 1.41%.

Don’t Pass Bet

Don’t pass betting is the exact opposite of a pass bet. In other words, you’re hoping to roll a 2, 3, or 12 (which is the losing roll of a pass line wager). Landing a 2, 3, or 12 will double your money on the come-out roll. If you end up rolling a point, you don’t want it to show up again.

If the shooter rolls a 7 before hitting the number you rolled previously, you win the game. Don’t pass bets have a slightly higher RTP than pass-line betting. The house only has a 1.36% edge.

Advanced Craps Strategies

If you understand basic craps betting strategy like the back of your hand, you’ll appreciate our coverage of advanced craps betting strategies for casino veterans.

We’ve briefly discussed what each form of betting entails, giving you the low-down on their advantages and drawbacks.

Dark Side Betting

Dark side betting makes other players hate your guts, but it’s an excellent advanced craps strategy to minimize the risk you’re taking with every roll. You’re going to be betting on the 7, which is the best mathematical craps strategy. It’s also the easiest number for players to roll consistently.

You’re also gambling on the probability that the shooter will roll a 4, 5, 6, or 10 before rolling a seven once again. In fact, you’re given 50:50 (1:1) odds of breaking even or making money after the point is established.

However, you’re banking on the come-out roll being in the house’s favor.

There is one disadvantage to dark-side betting – you’ll sometimes have to risk more than you win, which can be psychologically unnerving. If it goes wrong, you could be wrapping up the night early.

>> Try Dark-Side Betting

Iron Cross Craps Strategy

The Iron Cross is a style of combination betting that is said to do the impossible. If it all goes the right way, you’re looking at a house edge of 1.14%. There are four wagers to be made – you’ll have to play the field (2, 3, 4, 9, 10, 11, or 12) as you place bets on 5, 6, and 8.

This means your only losing number is a seven. However, if you roll any other number, you’ll win even money on 3, 4, 9, 10, and 11. Rolling a 2 results in a 2:1 payout, and rolling a 12 can triple your winnings. Finally, you’re paid 7:5 on a place bet of 5 and 7:6 on a wager of 6 or 8.

You’re essentially hedging your risks by playing all the possible combinations. When the place bets win, your field bets lose. When your field bets win, your place bets are still in action. Aside from spending big money on the initial setup, the Iron Cross doesn’t have many disadvantages.

>> Try the Iron Cross Strategy

Risky Roller

As the name suggests, risky roller betting is only good for players who don’t mind risking lots of money to win lots of money.

You’ll get cleaned out on a cold night, but you can secure a pretty solid win with a single lucky roll. Let’s take a look at two of the riskiest craps bets.

The Any 7 bet is a one-roll wager that wins if the next roll (after the come-out roll) is a seven. Players can get paid 4:1 instantly, but they’re up against a house edge of 16.67%.

If you’re looking for something less risky that still pays better than average, the Any Craps bet is a good option. You’ll win up to seven times your stake if the next roll is a 2, 3, or 12. However, any other number loses. This craps strategy has a house edge that hovers around 11.11%.

>> Try the Risky Roller

3-Point Molly

Betting three-point molly style is like the Iron Cross without all the extra wagers required for its initial setup. You’ll start by placing a bet on the Pass Line before the come-out roll is thrown.

If the first roll is a 7 or 11, you win. If it’s a 2, 3, or 12, you lose. Any other number becomes the point. Once the point has been established, place bets on 5, 6, or 8. Mathematically speaking, these are the likeliest numbers to be rolled before a 7. Now, you have 3 numbers on the board.

As your craps game progresses, you’ll need to replace any losing place bets with new ones. The goal is to increase your chances that one of your place bets is rolled before a seven.

If you’re playing craps with a big enough bankroll, you have a great chance of walking out a winner.

>> Try the 3-Point Molly

Best Sites to Test These Craps Strategies

In the following section, we will briefly review the best real money craps sites to help you select the right one for your needs.

1. Slots.lv – Best Site to Use Craps Strategies on


Classic craps game
Demo + real money options
$500 chip betting maximum
$3,000 bonus + 30 free spins
Accepts 5+ forms of crypto


No live dealer craps games
Same-day payouts only with BTC

Slots.lv keeps things simple, and they’re the best option for just about every bettor. You can start playing craps in demo mode to try out a craps strategy for free or enhance your gaming experience with real money wagers up to $500 per roll.

Craps Games: 4.7/5

Slots.lv only has one craps game, but you can play for free before spending real money on the outcome. Affectionately called Craps, it’s designed in-house and made for beginners.

You’re given a $1,000 balance in the practice version, and you can scale your bets up to $500 per roll. Finally, you’ll see the payout ratios for each combination listed on the side. There’s also a short guide on the same page that explains all bets and payouts.

Welcome Bonus: 4.6/5

Slots.lv is giving away up to $3,000 in welcome bonuses + 30 free spins for Golden Buffalo with your first deposit. You can spin through slots, play casino table games, and enjoy round after round of virtual craps with your extra funds.

You can also up to $2,000 and 20 free spins if you deposit via a credit card and then benefit from even more Slots.lv casino bonuses as you become a regular player.

Payment Methods: 4.8/5

Slots.lv accepts VISA, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, USDT, Ethereum and Litecoin. Crypto players must fund their accounts with $20+ to get started, but FIAT gamblers will have to spend $25+. Payouts begin from just $10, and high rollers can withdraw $15,000 at once.

Bitcoin and bank wire transfers are the two best options for big spenders. Other crypto transactions are limited to $2,500. Depending on your chosen banking option, withdrawals are usually delivered in 1-3 business days.

>> Get a $3,000 bonus + 30 free spins [Slots.lv]

2. Ignition – Top Choice for Mobile


Mobile-friendly craps
Play in practice mode
Simple to use website for beginners
Up to $3,000 welcome bonus
Accepts 5+ forms of crypto


Doesn’t offer live dealer craps
Bonus is split into two sections (casino and poker)

Ignition has established its brand as the go-to destination for craps bettors – especially those looking to play on mobile.

Craps Games: 4.6/5

Ignition is well-known for its 24/7 online poker room, but it comes prepared with options for craps players.

You can play a single variant of craps in practice mode, but making the switch to real money wagering is easy and simple. It’s also a breeze to enjoy on iOS and Android devices.

The bet limits on this game will accommodate both low-stakes players and high-rollers.

Welcome Bonus: 4.5/5

FIAT bettors can use the Ignition promo code IGWPCB100 with their first deposit to claim a 200% casino and poker bonus up to $2,000. If you want an even more generous bonus, use the code IGWPCB150 with your crypto deposit to claim a 300% match bonus worth up to $3,000.

150% of your bonus up to $1,500 is allocated towards casino games, and the other half is reserved exclusively for poker.

No matter which option you choose, the same 25x rollover applies to your casino winnings. Players must unlock their poker bonus within 30 days.

Payment Methods: 4.7/5

You can use all major debit card brands and 5+ forms of crypto to get started with Ignition. They accept VISA, MasterCard, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Litecoin, Ethereum, and USDT deposits. Cash players must deposit $25+ to claim a bonus, but this minimum drops to $20 for crypto bettors.

Payouts start from $10 per transaction, and you can request up to $9,500 at once. This withdrawal maximum goes all the way up to $180,500 for Bitcoin users, with most transactions processed within 15 minutes and with no fees.

>> Score up to $3,000 in poker and casino bonuses [Ignition]

3. Super Slots – Best Welcome Bonus for Online Craps Systems


Two craps games
Up to $6,000 welcome bonus
400% crypto bonus
Big withdrawal limits
Accepts 16+ forms of crypto


Can’t play craps in practice mode
Could use a better game-filtering system

Whether you’re a crypto player or prefer your deposits in USD – Super Slots has two generous welcome bonuses to get you started on the right foot.

Craps Games: 4.6/5

You can play Craps and Craps at Super Slots. Quite literally. They’re both named Craps but come from different software providers.

One option takes on a more classic look and feel, while the other has built-in bonus bets and higher roll limits. Unfortunately, you won’t be able to play either craps game for free.

Still, with a $5 minimum, it’s easy to get started.

Welcome Bonus: 4.7/5

Players can use the Super Slots promo code CRYPTO400 with their first crypto deposit and get a 400% match up to $4,000.

If you’d rather split the action across six deposits, use the promo code SS250 with your initial cash transaction. You’ll get a 250% bonus up to $1,000, as well as 100 free spins if you deposit a minimum of $100. From there, use the code SS100 with your next five transactions.

For each, you’ll claim a 100% reload bonus up to $1,000.

Payment Methods: 4.5/5

In addition to 16 forms of cryptocurrency, Super Slots accepts VISA, MasterCard, and Discover alongside money orders, cashiers’ checks, P2P transfers, and bank wire transfers. Still, Bitcoin is their most popular banking option. You can deposit just $20 to play craps and score bonuses.

Payouts range from $20 to $100,000 per transaction, and you’ll receive your crypto winnings in 1-2 days. Cash withdrawals can take 3-5 days for processing and delivery.

>> Get up to $6,000 in bonuses + 100 free spins [Super Slots]

4. Wild Casino – Highest Betting Limits on Craps Games


Accepts craps bets up to $1,000
2 craps variants
$5,000 welcome bonus + 125 free spins
Accepts 16+ forms of crypto
Big withdrawal limits


Can’t play craps in demo mode
Must deposit $75 for free spins

Wild Casino offers the highest limits of any craps casino, and big spenders can roll for up to $1,000.

Craps Games: 4.5/5

Wild Casino offers regular craps and bonus craps for high rollers – the latter promises fast-paced action, and you can roll for up to $1,000 per round.

Whether you’re using the Iron Cross or Dark Side Betting to increase your winning odds, Wild Casino gives players the freedom to bet big.

Unfortunately, there’s no way to test a craps strategy in demo mode. If you want to get started, you’ll have to spend at least a little bit of real money.

Welcome Bonus: 4.4/5

Wild Casino rolls the red carpet for players with the promo code WILD250 – offering a 250% match bonus up to $1,000 on your first deposit. You will also get 125 free spins on April Fury and the Chamber of Scarabs if you deposit at least $75.

If you’re still on the quest for more funds, use the code WILD100 with your next four deposits. They’ll double each transaction up to $1,000, giving players a grand total of $5,000 in bonuses.

On top of craps, you can use this bonus to play online roulette, non-jackpot slot games, and even blackjack.

Payment Methods: 4.5/5

Wild Casino and Super Slots have an identical banking menu – in other words, you can deposit with 16+ forms of crypto. They accept Bitcoin, AVAX, Binance, BCH, Cardano, DOGE, ETH and several other tokens. Players can also get started with a debit card, money order, or bank wire.

Crypto bettors can withdraw between $20 and $100k per transaction, followed by a maximum of $25,000 for bank transfers. Withdrawals are usually processed and delivered within 1 to 5 days (use crypto for faster payouts).

>> Get up to $5,000 + 125 free spins [Wild Casino]

5. Cafe Casino – Best Site for Classic Craps Strategies


Old-school craps game
Amazing graphics
350% bonus up to $2,500
Fast Bitcoin withdrawals


Fewer bonuses for cash players
No live craps games

Cafe Casino does classic craps the right way – and you can claim a bumper 350% match welcome bonus to get started.

Craps Games: 4.1/5

If you’re a beginner looking for the run-down on craps games, you’ll find everything you need at Cafe Casino. They offer classic craps with all the usual bet types – and there’s also a handy guide that explains how to play the game and the payout values of each bet.

You can play craps both for free or real money.

Welcome Bonus: 4.2/5

You can claim a 250% match bonus up to $1,500 with your first deposit or get an even bigger 350% bonus up to $2,500 if you deposit using crypto.

You’ll have 6 months to satisfy the playthrough requirements as you play classic craps, spin through classic slots, and explore the remainder of their table games.

There are plenty of other Cafe Casino bonuses available for regular players, including a Mystery Bonus each Thursday and a VIP program with various perks.

Payment Methods: 4.3/5

Cafe Casino offers nine secure banking options for new sign-ups. You can make deposits with VISA, MasterCard, AMEX, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, and more. The minimum deposit across the board is $20.

Crypto withdrawals are processed and delivered within 1 hour, while the rest of the withdrawal options have a 1-5 days processing time.

>> Claim a 350% crypto match up to $2,500 [Cafe Casino]

Guide to Using Craps Strategies – FAQs

Do Craps Strategies Work?

Yes, craps strategies work when you play them to perfection. While the house is always going to have an edge, any craps strategy helps you mitigate the risk involved with each roll while maximizing your odds.

Advanced craps players will likely have an easier time navigating the Iron Cross Strategy or the Three-Point Molly than inexperienced bettors. However, every player can choose to place pass line bets or don’t pass bets according to their budget.

Bankroll management is also crucial.

What is the Best Craps Strategy?

Don’t pass betting is, mathematically speaking, the safest craps strategy for beginners. This craps odds strategy reduces the house edge to 1.41%.

Don’t-pass betting relies on you landing a 2, 3, or 12 on the come-out roll.

Advanced craps players should consider using the Iron Cross Strategy, which lowers the house edge even further to 1.16%. This craps strategy allows players to bet the entire field and win on every number except for 7. Not bad at all.

What is the Riskiest Bet in Craps?

The Any 7 bet is the riskiest (and worst) bet in craps. With a house edge of 16.67% and a payout of 4:1, this bet is just not worth taking.

If the shooter rolls a 7 after the come-out roll, you win. If any other combination is rolled, you lose. Competing for first place as the riskiest craps bets are those made on specific numbers. Betting on a combination of 2 or 12 can pay 30:1, but you’re going to lose money otherwise.

What Are the Most Likely Craps Numbers?

Mathematically speaking, a seven is the most likely craps number – that’s why dark side betting is so popular.

A seven may occur on six of the thirty-six combinations possible when you roll two dice. That’s 1 in 6 odds.

This number is closely followed by six and eight, five and nine, four and ten, and so on. As you move further away from seven, the probability of hitting a combination gets lower. That’s why betting a two or twelve pays 30:1, while gambling a four or ten on the roll only pays 2:1.

Can You Play Craps for Real Money Online?

Yes, you can play craps for real money online at any of the online casino sites we’ve listed above – they all offer multiple craps games and accept real money bets.

To get started, you will just need to create an account and deposit using your credit card or crypto.

Is Online Craps Safe?

Yes, playing craps online for real money is safe as long as you stick to licensed and trusted online casinos – like the ones on our list.

All of them have the same level of trust as any recognizable in-person casino.

What is the Best Site to Play Craps Online?

Based on our research, Slots.lv is the site to play craps online right now. Being a recognized name in the online gambling industry since 2013, it has earned a reputation for fast payouts and fair games.

You can play classic craps, explore 250+ classic and bonus-buy slots, and spin for gold on progressives with seven-figure prize pools. When you sign up, you can claim a 200% bonus up to $3,000 + 30 free spins on Golden Buffalo.

So, Which of the Best Craps Strategies Are You Going to Use?

While most players will say that the pass-line strategy is the best craps betting strategy, you’ll find just as many casino veterans that prefer dark side betting and don’t pass wagers.

At the end of the day, the best craps strategy is the one that correlates with your bankroll size the most.

It’s also important to choose a legit and reliable casino to play craps – which is the biggest reason we recommend players to get started at Slots.lv. The graphics are sharp, payouts are fast, and there are bonuses to be claimed every step of the way.

No matter which craps betting strategy you decide to use, please bet responsibly.


Gambling can be addictive. If you have a gambling problem or somebody you know does, then we strongly advise calling the National Gambling Helpline at 1-800-522-4700 to talk with a certified advisor. All gambling sites are 21+ only.

Some of the sites listed on our site may not be available in your region. Check your local laws to ensure online gambling is available and legal where you live.

Please, visit these organizations for free gambling addiction resources:



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