February 22, 2024
Mercury News Letters to the Editor for Dec. 1, 2023

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10 mph grace is
too much for speeders

Re: “Map: Speed cameras are likely to be placed on these San Jose streets” (Nov. 20).

With the decision to install speed cameras, San Jose city leaders are finally deciding that combatting speeding should be a priority. These cameras are a force multiplier in the battle against distracted speeders and speed demons alike and will reduce accidents.

However, allowing a cushion of 11 mph over the limit before a citation is issued will change the de facto speed limit on every roadway to 10 mph above the posted limit. This is too generous for serious speed enforcement. Sixty in a 50? Thirty-five in a 25? The cushion should be 10% of any posted limit, or at most 5 mph over the limit. Remember, this is not a point on a driving record, just a civil fine. And allowing a warning before issuing a fine? Ridiculous.

Drivers are responsible for their actions, especially speeding. The two-month trial is understandable, but after that, driver beware.

Steve Angus
San Jose

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Conflict indeed a war
started by Hamas

Re: “One-sided conflict is not a true war” (Page A6, Nov. 29).

Referring to the present violence in the Mideast as one-sided is disingenuous. Israel responded to an armed surprise attack by the ruling body of Palestine whose stated intention is the elimination of Israel.

The Palestinians could eliminate Hamas at their ballot boxes, but so far seem unwilling or unable to do so.

From any perspective, it is ludicrous to call this a one-sided conflict.

Mark Jansen
Santa Cruz