May 30, 2024
A police dog helped officers find a gun that police said the suspect threw from the car.

MARTINEZ — An attempt to pull over a suspect who police said had arrest warrants out turned into a pursuit by Richmond police officers that ended in a two-car crash, an arrest and the recovery of a gun.

It all happened Monday on state Highway 4, according to a statement from Richmond police. One officer suffered minor injuries while running after the suspect following the crash, police said. That officer was treated at a hospital and released.

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The chase started when officers spotted the vehicle with the suspect whom they believed to be armed. That car went on eastbound Highway 4 and crashed into another car at the Pine Street exit, police said.

The crash disabled the car that the suspect drove, and that suspect ran away. Officers later found the person in the area of the crash and arrested the person on suspicion of attempted evading of officers, illegal possession of a gun and for the outstanding warrants.

Police said the person threw a gun out of the vehicle during the chase that officers with the help of a police dog found later.

The driver of the other car involved in the crash suffered minor injuries.